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Soft, luminous and natural.
My approach to photography is simple:
Freeze these moments of life so precious, these moments highly charged with emotions
that mark our existence forever with only tools...
a device and the light that the present moment offers me.

We live in crazy times where everything is going very fast!

Our obligations leave little room for the unexpected and sometimes we have the feeling of missing out on the essential...

Some stages of our lives are priceless and deserve to be put on hold.

Take full advantage of these moments that will become our most beautiful memories.

A photo to relive these emotions, to pass on to future generations...

Freeze the moment to make it eternal.


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Capture your moments of life...



Here is the man behind the lens!

My name is Yann Falempin (I know, you already know), 37 years old, married, dad and photographer. That makes caps!

If you have some time to read me, let's focus on the last one...


Why did you choose this profession? Because I love life and people. I see beauty all around me in every moment life gives me. Learning to see this beauty, to appreciate it is not easy! Especially nowadays. We live in a time where everything is going very fast, we no longer take the time to enjoy the present moment.

The photo allows me to freeze the moment to make it eternal, to review the highlights of our lives and to feel again these sensations that they have given us in the past, that is my goal!

I'm not looking for the perfect photo, 

well framed, smooth....

I'm looking for emotion!

Whether it's for a wedding, a pregnancy, a birth or simply a stroll, love, joy and happiness are everywhere.

My mission is to successfully capture them!

Trust me, my photos will make you smile. 

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